Our Partners

Water Logic is an English company established in 1992.

  • World leader in the production of multifunctional systems for direct water purification.
  • Presented in 52 countries on 5 continents.
  • Market leader in all markets and over 1 million devices in use.
  • The most innovative company in the industry.





Commerciale Adriatica Srl presents a new line of filter systems and components for home use on the European market

  • Portfolio includes reverse osmosis, UV purification, filters, various components and mixers.
  • Excellent design, variety and strict manufacturing procedures and quality checks are the main factors that characterize PANICE® water treatment products.
  • Besides the comfort in our everyday life, the company invests in a constant process of development, innovation, which reveals the full potential of the technology.

Wnix is a South Korean designer and manufacturer of water and air treatment products for the Home and the Office environments.

  •  Founded in 1973, WINIX provides strong and innovative solutions for drinking water and air quality throughout a wide range of products including water coolers, water filtration systems, water filters, air cleaners, air washers, dehumidifiers, ceramic fan heaters and components for cooling and refrigeration;
  • The WINIX group has been listed on the KOSDAQ, the Korean Stock Market since October 2000;
  • The WINIX Group provides a global solution to any of your business needs and projects and its products have been recognized for their outstanding quality, durability, design and high end technologies in all very demanding markets such as Asia and North America.

Canaletas has more than 45 years of experience in the manufacture of water coolers, drinking fountains and water dispensers, all made from stainless steel, well known for their high quality and multiple features.;

  • A recognized European manufacturer, with its head office in Barcelona (Spain),;
  • Canaletas offers a wide range of products, with more than 40 models that cover the diverse needs of our clients in terms of use, performance and budget;
  • An active member of the main sector associations, Canaletas participates in the various technical and normalization committees;
  •  The main priorities of Canaletas has always been the development and release of new products, being one of the most innovative companies of the sector.

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