International certification of our suppliers are evidence of the highest level of quality and safety;

You can see our certificates below:

2002-95-EC-W6png_Page1    SMILE_CEpng_Page1Letter LEAD FREE for Waterlogic Machines (Scan)

HE16 Gold Certpng_Page1HE16 Gold Certpng_Page2

ISO-9001-14001 - 2014png_Page2 ISO-9001-14001 - 2014png_Page1 Hydro Plus WRAS Cert png_Page1

Letter LEAD FREE for Waterlogic Machines (Scan) RoHS Declaration Letter 25052011 JG WRAS Fittings LLDPE Tubingpng_Page1

ISO Certificate bpaRS1389_WL Water Quality Association Gold Seal-scr