Who we are

  • Pure Water is established in 2011 with main activity distribution and lease of POU water dispensers;
  • Pure Water is official partner for one of the most innovative and recognized manufacturers in the filed as /www.winixeu.com , www.waterlogic.com , www.assetitalia.it , www.canaletas.com/ ;
  • As a pioneer on that market we’ve managed to gain  a lot of experience in the filed of water filtration and for 7 years to reach 100 000 consumers;
  • Our team proofed its professional background in previous projects in HoReCa and Away from home market.

Mission and philosophy

“New expertise ” in providing pure drinking water with care for the environment!

  • To meet the inevitable everyday needs of society in a way that is economically, socially and ecologically responsible.
  • There are many environmental costs that society must pay, such as loss of groundwater, toxic emissions from plastic production and destruction. air pollution from transporting the products, and the disposal of loads of empty bottles.
  • Our team is anxious to convince the society in long-term benefits from the use of filtering and purifying dispenser.

Our Approach

  • To identify  the specific needs of our customers;
  • Habits of consumption;
  • Preferred water types;
  • To check water quality, incl. lab analysis;
  • Technical possibility for execution and co-ordination;
  • Recommendation about the type of equipment and filtration  according to the customers’ requirements;
  • Free trial;
  • To fix a delivery, maintenance and service conditions;
  • Implementation

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Our products

Our Clients

Our clients are recognized  companies with different activity, number of employees and history on Bulgarian market. The common thing is their corporate social responsibility.